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Afloor are the largest online supplier of Laybond accessories.

We provide Laybond accessories to a variety of clients, our range of Laybond accessories have been selected to complement our clients’ requirements when choosing their Laybond accessories.

We either stock or can order direct all of the following Laybond ranges.

  • Laybond Universal
  • Laybond Epoxy
  • Laybond Rapid DPM
  • Laybond One Coat
  • Laybond Fine Finish
  • Laybond Rapid Mortar
  • Laybond Granite Chippings
  • Laybond Smooth
  • Laybond Screedmaster
  • Laybond Screedmaster Original
  • Laybond Screedmaster 2 Ultimate
  • Laybond Screedmaster Trade
  • Laybond Pressure Sensitive
  • Laybond Carpet Adhesive
  • Laybond HT Adhesive
  • Laybond Carpet Tile Tackifier
  • Laybond Vinyl
  • Laybond Gripfill
  • Laybond Gripfill Contact